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Mike spent twenty years racing and training all over the world, a journey that started young. Thirty-two countries laid the roads through thousands of cities both big and small on a journey that started with the simple love of a bicycle. He retired in 2014 from professional cycling after living the dream which included competing in  the Olympics in 2008. Upon retiring, he changed his racing business "Meatball Express" a 1099 self employed business  based off his given nickname and founded "Pedaling Minds" and turned it into a non profit to help kids find love for their bicycles. 


"Giving someone the confidence to ride a bicycle for the rest of their life, regardless of what age they start at, is a very powerful thing. 


As the founder of Pedaling Minds, I started this journey because I knew with my whole heart I could be a positive change. I believe a program like this is needed and on multiple fronts and in multiple ways. Over the last five years, I've been working towards something great for people by using what I learned in Cycling and working with the amazing people I met and meet along the way. Together we are creating something special and positively influencing the bright young minds of tomorrow. Rome wasn't built in a day, but I'm confident in what we are doing is going to have a large impact on many people. 


"Try---Practice---Patience---Perseverance---Success---Repeat, because success in one area leads to success in other areas."




- Mike Friedman

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