2008 Olympian and former Professional Cyclist, Mike Friedman has spent the twenty years racing and training all over the world. Thirty-two countries laid the roads through thousands of cities both big and small. It’s a journey that has led him down an amazing road, attaining a form of education that cannot be attained anywhere else except by participating in the world of cycling. He is very honored to have had amazing opportunities and to have done so 100% clean. Mike is privileged to have worked with so many amazing people and after leading the relatively selfish lifestyle of an athlete, he is giving back to the communities that have cheered him on by inspiring their children in a unique way.


"Giving someone the confidence to ride a bicycle for the rest of their life, regardless of what age they start at, is a very powerful thing. 


As the founder of Pedaling Minds, I started this journey because I knew with my whole heart I could be a positive change. I believe a program like this is needed and on multiple fronts and in multiple ways. Over the last five years, I've been working towards something great for people by using what I learned in Cycling and working with the amazing people I met and meet along the way. Together we are creating something special and positively influencing the bright young minds of tomorrow. Rome wasn't built in a day, but I'm confident in what we are doing is going to have a large impact on many people. 


"Try---Practice---Patience---Perseverance---Success---Repeat, because success in one area leads to success in other areas."




- Mike Friedman

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