Our mission statement is simple:

Move Minds and Bodies through Bicycle Education.

Students consciously and subconsciously work in areas of collaborative thinking, teamwork, problem solving, and coordination, while picking up skills that build their self confidence. Each aspect of the Pedaling Minds program is designed to inspire and enlighten every bright young mind.


Our programs are designed to do just that. We want engage the curious minds and activate the bodies of grade school children through the use of bikes and related bicycle concepts. There are two parts of this program in which students can participate: Skills and Drills Clinics and The Science of the Bicycle. Using a bicycle as a teaching tool makes sense. There is an enormous wealth of information, educational concepts, and skills applicable through this life changing yet simple machine. 


Skills and Drills Clinics: Riding a bicycle is far more than holding balance. To be a skilled rider takes time, but to be a proficient rider does not. Riding in control, braking, riding one handed while in control, standing, what to look for, what to think about, reaction times, how the bike works doesn't have to take a lot of time to understand and practice. Control and knowledge is ultimately what makes a rider safe. Wearing a helmet does make you safer, but it does not make you a safe bike rider. That requires control and understanding. These are skills that can be built upon over time to make "skilled" rider. Riding a bicycle requires both the use of ones mind and body. 

A Step further....

The Science of the Bicycle: We believe that the bicycle can not only change ones life through freedom, focus, and exercise, but it can also be used to educate. Three years ago we set out to demonstrate that we could teach various concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Health and more through the bicycle. Even we underestimated how much this would be needed. Today we are working with a panel of Scientists from various Universities and businesses across the country- Physiologists, Physicists, Chemists, Engineers, and Mathematicians who all have different scientific backgrounds in their fields. We believe two heads really are better than one. The A team of collaborators with brilliant minds is what we desire because we are creating the most comprehensive eductional curricula through bicycles ever developed. We believe the bicycle is an educational cornucopia and want to give educators a first in class platform from which to teach using bicycles. We also want to help create a thorough understanding of these concepts in our students by connecting the dots of what they learn in school to the practicality and joy of riding a bicycle.