Dr. Leick is a Physicist and a one of a kind mind. We are grateful to able to rely on her brilliance as we develop STEM curriculum. During her PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, Noemi focused her research on developing and understanding the atomic layer deposition (ALD) of atomically thin Pt-group metal systems. After a first Post-Doc at the Colorado School of Mines, Noemi joined the H2 storage group at NREL where her main area of research is the synthesis and testing of novel host materials for H2 storage for automotive applications. Over past 2 years, Noemi has also volunteered time to the nonprofit organization Pedaling Minds teaching e.g. STEM concepts through the lens of the bicycle.

Dr. Leick: STEM Team Lead

The Science of the Bicycle: We believe that the bicycle can not only change ones life through freedom, focus, and exercise, but it can also be used to educate. Three years ago we set out to demonstrate that we could teach various concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Health and more through the bicycle. Even we underestimated how much this would be needed. Today we are working with a panel of Scientists from various Universities and businesses across the country- Physiologists, Physicists, Chemists, Engineers, and Mathematicians who all have different scientific backgrounds in their fields. We believe two heads really are better than one. The A team of collaborators with brilliant minds is what we desire because we are creating the most comprehensive eductional curricula through bicycles ever developed. We believe the bicycle is an educational cornucopia and want to give educators a first in class platform from which to teach using bicycles. We also want to help create a thorough understanding of these concepts in our students by connecting the dots of what they learn in school to the practicality and joy of riding a bicycle.