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Mike - you made my day - that video is Awesome!


And, can I just tell you, of all the booths at STEAM Fest - yours, and the B25 bomber are the most frequently mentioned as folks' favorites.  People loved working with you, and absolutely loved what they learned (I take care of an 8yo girl that spent quite a bit of time at your booth -and she was "schooling" me on how it all worked - it was awesome to hear her talk about it).


We would love to work with you on more stuff - and for sure, hope that you'll join us for Girls Explore Technology in September (dates being finalized as we speak).


And, I'm copying Bridgette Braig, she can help us chase down the names of your volunteers on the two days so we can connect you to them.


Thank you again for being a big part of STEAM Fest's success in 2017!

Martha- President and Co-Founder Maker Bolder




"My two sons were with Mike this year at Edison Elementary for two of the Pedaling Minds programs. The first one - Science of the Bicycle and the second offering - Skills and Drills Clinic. They would come home from the science of the bicycle classes and tell me about molecules and if gas or water would be pumped into a tire - what would happen. This from a 5yr old and a 7yr old. They would tell me about tools and how they were all around us. During the skills and drills clinic, they would tell me about who yields to who and which types of vehicles have the right of way etc. Mike taught them amazing things - more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. The boys had never been in an after school program before and I am so glad that Mike and his curriculum and knowledge were their first experience."

Melanie- Mother of 2nd and 3rd graders at Edison Elementary, Denver CO

"I took Mike's class called Pedaling Minds when I was in 3rd and 4th grade. I recommend this class because you get to take apart bikes and put them back together. I learned about how to use a bike and how to ride safely. This class was really fun because we got to bike to Sloans lake from my school. When we got tired on our rides Mike taught us how to persevere. Mike is a great teacher, funny, and it's very easy to learn from him. "

Aiden- 3rd Grade-Edison Elementary, Denver CO

"My son had a wonderful time at the Pedaling Minds program. He thought it was a lot of fun and as a parent, I loved seeing him learn bicycle safety, bicycle skills, and also how to connect those skills to STEM concepts. I look forward to him doing this program again and to my other children getting the chance to participate some day as well."

Nola- Mother to Kindergartner mom, Maple Grove Elementary, Golden CO

"Pedaling Minds is an awesome program for kids!  Mike's integration of science and biking was a great hands-on way for kids to learn some of the basics of science in a fun way.  Our son, Quinn, came home after each class, excited to tell us about what he'd learned.  I highly recommend this program!"

Lisa- Mother of 5th grader. Edison Elementary

"I tell people about your program all the time!"

Kathy- Mother of 5th grader. Maple Grove Elementary, Golden CO

Nothing makes learning more meaningful and enjoyable than having it occur in context, in situations that allow students to engage with real-world activities. Pedaling Minds provides this context in a unique and transformative way that will not only teach students, but empower and inspire them to learn. As a teacher, the biggest challenge is maintaining student interest, but when students have a reason for learning (application), they are authentically driven to make the most of their experience. What I love about this particular program is that when students consistently apply their learning, they are motivated to take that learning home, which is massively important for parents. The more levels at which students are validated for their learning and can apply it throughout their lives, the more enriched they will be both in and out of the classroom.

-- Jared Marks- 4th Grade STEM teacher, North Carolina

“Pedaling Minds is a unique and revolutionary after school program in which kids are taught a number of life skills through their application to the bicycle.  Not only does the program teach practical skills such as changing a flat tire, road safety, and etiquette, but it also inspires kids to learn advanced science and engineering concepts at a very young age.  Founder Mike Friedman is an extremely motivational and positive teacher who is passionate about teaching children how and why their bicycle works in a fun and interactive way.  I only wish this program existed when I was a kid!”
--Daniel Stark, Ph.D Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The Pedaling Minds program is great way to cultivate children’s interest in science and technology. Learning to solve problems and think analytically prepares a child for the life ahead of them as well as a potential career in a technological field.

--David Williams, Civil Engineer – Power Plant Maintenance Manager